Here are places where you can find free publications and other resources on tropical forestry.

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox 

CIFOR publications 

World Agroforestry Center resources

Forestry resources at Oxford University Libraries (LINKS LATER)

Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) – resources in Spanish and English 

Bois et Forêts des Tropiques – published in English, Spanish, and French 

Unasylva – FAO forestry journal 
ITTO Publications – including the Tropical Forest Update

Field Manuals & How-to:

Here are some practical resources to help you on your adventures in tropical forest landscapes. 

The SFM Toolbox collates a large number of tools, case studies and other resources, organised in modules. It has been created to provide forest owners, managers and other stakeholders with easy access to those resources for the implementation of SFM. 

The Forest Garden Training Center (FGTC) is where agroforestry practitioners can come to learn The Forest Garden Approach, become a certified trainer and track their impact.: 

RNGR’s mission is to supply people who grow forest and conservation seedlings with the very latest technical information (English, Spanish)

Tropical Native Species Reforestation Information Clearinghouse (TRIC) 

Yale’s ELTI Initiative has compiled this resources collection to assist their trainees and alumni and the Tropical Native Species Reforestation Information Clearinghouse (TRIC) which houses reforestation projects and literature produced by ELTI participants and other experts (English, Spanish)

Tropical Forest Voices:

Conservation Tribe Apple | Spotify 

The Conservation Tribe is a weekly podcast which interviews a range of conservationists and natural world enthusiasts – from scientists, students, creatives, ecopreneurs, innovators and everyone in between! I created this podcast with the mission to EDUCATE, foster COLLABORATION and ultimately INSPIRE ACTION to protect species, ecosystems and biodiversity!

 Mongabay Newscast | Apple | Spotify

The Mongabay Newscast delivers news and inspiration from nature’s frontline. It features inspiring guests and deeper analysis of the global environmental issues explored every day by the team, from climate change to biodiversity, animal and wildlife discoveries, ecology and more.

Forest Organizations & Networks: 

These organizations host various resources on tropical forests and forestry.

Forestry at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 

Rainforest Alliance

ENVIRONLENS: Supporting environmental law enforcement with Earth Observation

Panorama. Solutions for a healthy planet

Nature-based solutions for people and planet

African Forest Forum 

European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN)

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies  IGES

Oxford Environmental Change Institute. Science, Nature, Life

Commonwealth Forestry Association

Association des Forestiers Tropicaux et d’Afrique du Nord

Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation 

International Tropical Timber Association 

International Union of Forest Research Organizations 

Center for International Forestry Research 

World Agroforestry Centre 

Bioversity International

Forest and Landscape Restoration

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Climate and Land Use Alliance

Forests and Water Network

Global Mangrove Alliance

The Forests Dialogue

USDA Caribbean Climate Hub

Global Soil Partnership


These newsletters will bring information to you regularly on tropical forests.

FAO Forestry Newsletters available at:

IUCN Various newsletters
ARBORVITAE – IUCN’s forest magazine